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Most Fringe shows are self-promoting under the Fringe banner, we actually do only a few core bookings ourselves (about 20% of this programme). Although we are always interested in receiving details about new shows, theatre companies, unusual cabaret & street acts, music of all sorts, and anything else you see or don't see in our programme, we only use a very small percentage of the material we get sent.

Programming is mostly done from December to February but there can be spaces nearer the festival time itself. NB: our office isn't regularly staffed over the summer, we have to do other work then, and itís always best to EMail...

Some participating venues book work during the Fringe - e.g. the Rondo Theatre, Invention Studio: you are best off contacting them direct. Some Bath music venues also put on special extra shows in Fringe time, and itís a good time to be seen in the city - Bath gets more National attention at Festival time.

If you want to promote yourselves, ďEdinburgh styleĒ (book your own venue, pay a fee for an entry in the programme and take the door), Bath does have a number of venues for hire, theatres, concert venues, pub back rooms, though the most accessible of these tend to be small (100-150 people). We do have a list which we can send you (itís updated in the autumn, so best to ask for it in December), or look for yourself on the web.

We have to stress that, although we welcome as many acts as want to come, the experience of companies coming to Bath and self-promoting has been very variable. Those who do best tend to already have local followings, or have spent a lot of time and effort on publicity and marketing, which isnít always the easiest thing to do if you donít actually come here to do it. Multiple day runs of the same show can be difficult (though not impossible), and donít forget that Bath is NOT Edinburgh, we donít (yet) have an enormous free-floating audience fighting to go to something, anything...

We can help with overall publicity (or more if youíve already got a killer press pack), our programme makes 40,000 copies and our website had over 740,000 hits in May 2006; we can arrange Box Office; and we can advise on technical, practical and promotional matters - weíve probably tried to put on something similar at some time, or know someone else who has. We are however a very small and largely volunteer organisation, our crew and volunteers get very stretched putting on our core events, so there is a limit to what we can do, especially when the festival is in action. Itís a really good idea to look at the 2008 and 2007 programmes and see what other people and venues have done, see if you can see yourselves in that company.

For self-promoters there is an online registration form for the event details etc. that go in our programme and on the website. The registration fee for 2008 was £40 per listing with a reduced sum for any run-ons & duplications. Registration is not done until FEBRUARY (so you can get all the details sorted first); if youíve told us youíre interested weíll send you an alert then, or you can contact us in January, or keep an eye on this website for updates. If youíre registered on our EMailing list you will get a reminder mail at around that time of year.

We like to help, we like people to succeed, but itís harder work than is often imagined. If you have more questions, we may just know the answers...

If you're interested in the Visual Arts Programme, we can pass enquiries on, but those events are run to a different timetable and by different people to the rest of the Fringe. You may find more about that on their website.



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