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These events have been brought to you by...

Web programme by:
Laura Ratcliffe – image & art & imagination
Wendy Matthews – input
Steve Henwood – uncoordination
Nick Xerophon – bits & bytes

Bath Fringe Festival is put together by a co-operative committee (David, Emma, John, Hannah, Paul, Steve and Wendy, plus new recruits, Erica, Andy and Julia) and with special help from web-meister Nick Xerophon. It also involves the enthusiasm and energy of scores of promoters, artists, venues and volunteers who dream up, programme and run the 200-odd events you find between these pages.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s been involved in making Bath Fringe 2009 as big and exciting as ever this year and, in no particular order and with apologies to anyone we’ve omitted by mistake, these are they:-

Arran and Fringe Arts Bath for another city-wide feast of the visual and unusual.
Ian and Hannah at 100mph events and the rest of the Spiegel crew (special mention to Jimmy Mac and Sally for putting together the Children’s festival). Plus the crew for Bedlam and Kensington Meadows, including Roger, Liz, Jackie T, Simon, Gary. All participating venues and promoters, from old-timers such as Kath and Steve at Porter Cellar Bar & Moles, to exciting new venues – Marina and all at Komedia; Charley at Chapel; Kilter for another intruiging piece of outdoor theatre; staff and students at BSUC. And special mention to Boom Stage for coming back for another year.

Bath & NorthEast Somerset Council for invaluable help with funding and event management – The Arts Team; The Youth Team, Parks, Licensing; Traffic, & Property Services.

All at the Bell; Nod and the Bath Festivals staff; technical crew - particularly Stevie, Marick, Adrian; Theatre Royal Bath, Bath Rugby, the Streats Committee. Mr Rigby for getting the milkfloat back. Al for getting around.

Our friends in the local press, notably Venue and The Bath Chronicle; photographers Chris, Debbie and Amy (plus others whose images we may have used without remembering, sorry).

Particular thanks must go to major sponsors The Roper Family Trust, and Gitte Dawson, and the other sponsors and supporters mentioned elsewhere and without whose financial help the festival wouldn’t be able to carry on.

Finally we would also like to say goodbye to some old Fringe friends who left us recently. Dave Angus had contributed events, and was a performer and volunteer for many years. Phil ‘Ed Case’ Charlton likewise amused and entertained in his own shows as well as ours. They will be sadly missed.



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